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Say bye to the unread blog. Match your writing with relevant media outlets.

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Submit your article for a quick review that ensures publish-ready quality. Purchase professional editing on-demand to touch it up if needed.

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Your articles are matched with all the most relevant outlets worldwide, greatly increasing the chances and ease of getting published.

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Publishers view your article and offer to publish it to their audience. You just decide which one you want to license it to and click to approve.

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We've made sharing your insights, opinions, and stories with a new audience just as easy as posting to a blog. No pitching, insider connections, or time intensive back-and-forth required. Expand your access to publishers worldwide, gain credibility, and build a loyal following from all types of outlets. Plus, get messaged for quotes, interviews, and other media opportunities.

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Discover and follow other smart, creative leaders to keep up with what they write across various outlets, and build your own following in turn. Plus get followed by publications who want a private notification whenever you submit a new piece to the marketplace.

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David Kerpen NYT Bestselling Author, CEO of Likeable Local

There are so many publishers around the world seeking good content. CopyMint has them chasing you.

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